Tim Hutson Foundation

The Tim Hutson Foundation

If you would still like a Tim DVD, contact Charlie Coutrakon (Charlie35@mac.com) and he will get you hooked up with one!

If you are interested in helping with yard work over at the Hutson household this summer, please contact Susan Hopper at 735-8154 or by email at shopper107@comcast.net 

I encourage everyone to help out at least once during the summer.  It would mean a lot to Mrs. Hutson and it's just another way that were are all able to outwardly express our love and support for the Hutson's during this time.


On Monday, May 17th (Tim's birthday) the premiere of the DVD made about Tim took place over at CROYA.  There was a great turn out.  Thanks to everyone who came to support the Hutson family, who was also there, and to show your love and support for Tim. 

All the DVD's sold out at the premiere and for the people that didn't get a DVD on the spot, they were able to order one. 

After selling out of the DVD and after any donations people contributed that night, about $370 was made.  This does not include the money that will be coming in from those people who had to order a DVD, which is about $100 at this point.  So in total, around $470 was raised by the end of the night!!!

From all the fundraising we've been able to do, we now hope that we have enough money for the bench!


Things included on the DVD are:

Telecom Projects:

Carpool (Charlie Coutrakon)
Death of Telecom Excerpt (Charlie Coutrakon & Chris Millichap)
Box Boy (Chris Millichap)

Raw Footage:                 

Tim's senior video interview (Charlie Coutrakon)
Death of Telecom Outtakes (Charlie Coutrakon & Chris Millichap)
Roman Candles (Chris Millichap)
Abandoned Telecom Footage (Eric Nudel)
David Tabor Home Videos (with streaking...censored, of course)

Acoustic Show:

Caroline Ferrari: Not Fair
Close Your Eyes
Comes and Goes
Five Minutes

South Shore: Dissolving
Never Empties
What I Got
Soco Ameretto Lime


Pictures that go to the song Soco Ameretto Lime (of course)
Pictures from the website/pictures from swimming
Screenshots from some of these videos (45 pictures altogether)


Acoustic Show Wrap-Up
It wasn't until about 8:20 when all of a sudden a pretty large crowd gathered into CROYA's new facility (all the attendants choosing to be fashionably late). Despite the tardiness, we had a great time. It was a very laid back atmosphere. We pulled all the couches in the whole facility around a "stage" and just let everyone chill out for a few hours and listen to some good music. Nick Williams (a friend of mine from school) played twice, armed with an acoustic guitar and a great voice, and taught everyone there a little something about rock. Charlie Coutrakon got up and performed a great stand up bit. We stole the piano from kinderhaven and Caroline Ferrari played a set of her original songs. Chris Losacco, Jeff Shapland, and myself took the stage and played a set of originals and some covers that reminded us of Tim. One in particular, "Soco Ameretto and Lime" by the band Brand New was a favorite of Tim's and I think that if you asked him what song to pirate, it would be on the list. Some clips from the show will be available on the South Shore website shortly (www.freewebs.com/south_shore).
By the end of the night we raised a total of $375 for the Tim Hutson Memorial Fund. This was the first but will surely not be the last time to donate money to this fund. We have a list of people we'd like to thank for helping us put this show on, and without whom would have been impossible. I'd like to thank all the people who performed on such short notice and all the people that did a great job of advertising the show at the high school. Also very special thanks to the CROYA staff who stayed and worked on a Friday night and allowed us a venue to use for this event. I'd also like to thank Tim's mother, grandparents, and aunt & uncle for coming. We all really enjoyed you being there for it. Also thanks to all the people who came out and donated money to the cause.
We had a great time doing this and hope to see you again in the future.
Thanks again,
Chris Millichap

What is the Tim Hutson Memorial Fund?

Few of us can truly duplicate the level of generosity and true altruism displayed by our good friend Tim Hutson. Throughout his lifetime, he displayed a truly vibrant, happy, and energetic personality that we will all miss dearly. Tim was a very generous person and was one of the nicest people that ever graced the halls of LFHS. He was always one to cheer on a teammate, make a new friend, make his old friends smile as he yelled their name across a crowded space or embraced them tightly in his "TimHug". In Tim's memory, we are urged to carry out some of these tasks for other people that demand a little more energy than we are used to giving.

The preliminary goal of the fund is to go towards a bench in Tim's honor. We want to put it somewhere along the cross country running trail, in hopes of reviving a few runners who need to rest; not all of us have the energy and are quite as healthy and fit as Tim. If you have any ideas as to where to put this bench and what you would want to add to the engraving please send it to Chris Millichap (Millidude@aol.com) and address it as "TimBench". We will hopefully put this together by this summer, so please send input as soon as possible. Other plans for the Foundation are currently being made, check back in. Thank you.

The second goal is to preserve his memory for his family at the Huston Family home. If you attended the luncheon after the services Wednesday (March 3, 2004), you most likely signed up to do yard work at the house when we all return home for the summer. This fund will hopefully help us pay for these acts by buying plants, flowers, and other necessary materials to carry out these simple chores.