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Please continue to send stories and thoughts that you have about Tim that can be added to this site, along with the book that we were able to make for the Hutson Family.  I don't think anyone can really imagine just how much this means to Mrs. Hutson and the rest of Tim's family.  Even if you've already sent something feel free to keep sending things.  Send everything to Jax51416@yahoo.com and it will get posted.  Thanks!

May 17, 1985 - February 26, 2004

When Colleen called me Thursday February 26th at 4:00pm, I thought it was about the 38 stitches she recently had got put into her forehead from a bad fall she had at school. I had called her earlier that day and had left a message for her saying that I had just heard about her accident and just wanted to see how she was doing. As she cried for the first few seconds we were on the phone, I tried to comfort her, 'Oh honey, it's okay. Is this about your head?'

'Jackie, are you sitting down...?' My heart began to race and that was the moment that I knew something had happened. I said nothing and just waited for her to continue... 'Tim committed suicide last night...'

I was hoping that I misunderstood her, but I didn't.  I know that I will never be able to forget the moment I found out that Tim was not alive anymore. I felt my heart break and all I could do was fall back onto my couch in complete and utter shock. This was not something I was ready for, but I know that no one was ready to hear the news.  then again, I don't think that you can ever be "ready" to hear something like this. I broke down and questions and thoughts  began to rush through my head;

'This cannot be happening...'

'Maybe this is some sick joke Tim wanted to play on everyone.'

'Did I hear her correctly? Tim? Our Tim? The Tim that I hung out with all through high school?'


'I think I'm dreaming and I need to wake up.'

I'm sure when everyone heard the news, questions and thoughts began to rush through their minds as to why. It just doesn't make sense. This was so sudden and not something ANYONE would have ever expected. Tim Hutson, THE happiest, craziest, and smartest person I knew, was gone. My friend of about 4 years isn't here anymore. It's still very hard for me to grasp, and it probably will be for a very long time.

Tim Hutson was loved by so many people. He had countless amounts of friends and everyone within Lake Forest (and most likely in Vernon Hills as well) at least knew who he was. We are all still in shock and don't know what to think right now.

At the funeral, Madeline, Tim's sister, spoke and said, 'If you forget the stories and the things that Tim did, then you forget Tim.'  This is true.  None of us must ever forget Timothy Hutson and the amazing person that he was.

To keep Tim alive in our hearts, we want you to share ANY stories, thoughts, memories, comments, etc. that you may have about Tim, his life, and the kind of person he was. No one wants to forget Tim, so it is our job to make sure that he is never forgotten. I ask that, if you haven't already, please contribute something about Tim for this website. These stories are also included in the book that we were able to make for the Hutson family that was displayed at both the wake and funeral. Tell anyone and everyone you know about this site and the book of stories that we will continue to add. All things sent, will be put on the site and, like I said, added to the book that we were able to give to the Hutson's. Thanks so much.

We love and miss you Tim. Thanks for being such an amazing person and a great friend.

Timothy J. Hutson, Jr.

Timothy James Hutson, Jr., 18, of Lake Forest died Feb. 26.

He was born May 17, 1985 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He and his family have lived in Lake Forest for 11 years. He graduated from Lake Forest High School with the class of 2003. He was active in Scouts from grade school to high school. During all four years at LFHS, he contributed to the cross country, swimming and track teams. He was a freshman at Ohio State University. He attended Christ Church in Lake Forest.

He is survived by his mother Katrina Kline Hutson; sister, Madeline Mary Hutson, both Lake Forest; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver P. Kline, Jr.; uncle James Louis Kline of Wayne, Ill.; and father, Timothy James Hutson, Sr. of California.

Funeral services were held March 3 at Christ Church, Lake Forest. In lieu of flowers, family request contributions to Christ Church of Lake Forest, St. James Society, 100 North Waukegan Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045. Arrangements were handled by Wenban Funeral Home, Lake Forest.